Dispute Supervisor
National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight a
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 09 July 2019

Job Details

Job Description

Job Purpose:

The purpose of the position for Supervisor: Gauteng Disputes Section is to ensure efficient functioning of the disputes section. The position will be responsible for the supervision of the activities of the CMO’s, Client service center staff and the Disputes Administrator to ensure high levels of service provision to the stakeholders. Work with Commissioners allocated to the Region to ensure Professional service as required by law and as per SLA. The supervisor will ensure that all the activities of the section are well coordinated and prepare all relevant reports for the Regional Managers attention. Ensure the smooth coordination between the Head Office Disputes section in relation to all Regional cases that are to be handled by Disputes section in line with the provisions of the LRA and to ensure efficient turnaround times on all cases. Keep all records and statistics of cases referred to Head office and receive reports monthly on progress on each stage of the case. Prepare monthly consolidated reports and statistics for the Region.


Job Description/ Objectives:

  • Monitor and supervise the staff in all their activities.
  • Ensure that the Standards and procedures are followed by all and report any deviations and excellence.
  • Ensure that resources are adequate for the efficient operation and that the resources are utilized responsibly by all.
  • Receive and check the accuracy in relation to the service provider of all invoices from the commissioners or other Section service providers.
  • Ensure that service surveys are conducted and keep statistics of the service perception and report accordingly.
  • Monitor and ensure that all clients visiting our service centers (Ground Floor and Disputes Center) are timeously attended.
  • Keep all record and cases for the Region and monitor finalization of each case systematically.  
  • Monitor that interpreter and Commissioners are booked timeously.
  • Monitor and ensure that notices to parties are sent as per procedures and that all documents are accurate.
  • Generate invoices where parties are ordered to pay wasted costs.
  • Obtaining pay slips from payroll and hand to CMO’S for distributing to panelists.
  • Prepare monthly section reports for the Regional Manager.
  • Attend monthly Regional meetings and any other meetings that are convened internally and externally.
  • Prepare performance contracts of staff and service providers and conduct performance appraisals quarterly or half yearly as may be required and submit reports accordingly.
  • Check all awards received from commissioners, before referring to CCMA or to Head office disputes section and update system.


Related Skills:

  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good Communicator
  • Supervisory skills
  • Good Administrative skills
  • Knowledge of LRA and other Labour laws


Qualifications & Experience:

Matric qualification with a certificate in Labour Relations/Human Resources. An incumbent in this position is expected to have 3 years’ experience in Supervisory position and or alternatively Bargaining Council Administration/ CCMA case Management experience.